Meet the Family

Meet the Family

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Meet Lori

Lori and a monster carrot

Lori has been gardening as long as she can remember. She learned from her parents and grandparents who both grew large gardens. She is happiest with dirt under her nails and the sun shining on her neck. Lori is passionate about organic and sustainable farming and uses her time out in the yard to meet her neighbours, build community and spend time with her family. If you seen here out in the yard stop and say hi!

Meet Les


Les also grew up with an agricultural background. His family pastured beef cattle, put up hay and silage, grew oats, and relied on a substantial family garden. While Les enjoys watching crops thrive, he is truly indispensable as our mechanic and all round handyman. He enjoys learning new processes and is always working towards making us more efficient!

Meet Sarah


Sarah is Lori and Les’s second daughter and grew up watching them implement all of their agricultural skills. She will help out part time in the garden and part time on the tech side of life-so if you are in contact with My Neighbour’s Garden online, whether that be that from our facebook pageinstagram page or here on the website, you are probably talking to her. Sarah loves to cook and is busy gathering and creating many of the recipes you see in our blog. If you end up making any of these recipes make her day by taking a picture and tagging us on your favorite social media. Or send us your favorite recipe for whatever is in season. Maybe we will include it on the blog!


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