Wheat Grass and Lime Juice

A sippable wheat grass recipe!

I am not going to lie to you- I’ve never loved wheat grass. I’ve made a few smoothies that were decent but there was never any denying there was wheat grass in them… Wheat grass is very good for you with its high vitamin and nutrient content (you can read more about the specifics on this blog post) but it’s always something I’ve used because it is good for me, not because it tastes good. But I’ve finally found a recipe that I love the taste of!

The recipe is really simple and the fresh flavour is perfect for hot weather. It freezes well so you can do up a big batch and thaw it as you need it. Wheat grass also freezes well on its own and frozen wheat grass works just as good as fresh in this recipe.


  • about 3 oz of wheat grass
  • 2 C water
  • 1/2 C or a little more Minute Made Lime Juice Concentrate Thawed


Juice your wheat grass and add water OR follow below directions.

Blend 1 C of water and 3 oz of wheat grass in a blend until the wheat grass is really broken up- about 2 minutes.  Use your hands to remove the worst of the wheat grass fiber, squeezing out and saving all the juice. Filter out what remains of the fiber by pouring everything through a fine sieve or use a french press. Collect the juice. Add the remaining cup of water.

Add the lime juice concentrate. Start with 1/2 C and give it a taste. Add more juice concentrate a little at a time until it suits your tastes. If you want a stronger lime flavour without additional sweetness add a little lime juice instead of more juice concentrate.


I make up a batch double this size and put it in the fridge. It stays good for up to 5 days… If you can leave it alone that long. It will settle out (see the pic below) if you let it sit, so give it a stir or shake before drinking.

Photo 2018-06-22, 6 07 53 PM
Wheat Grass Lime Juice after it has settled. Just shake and drink!

Note: This recipe is essentially adding wheat grass juice to lime juice. The can of Minute Made Concentrate recommends you add 4 cans of water to 1 can of juice: aka 4 parts liquid to 1 part juice concentrate like in the directions above. If you are using a different brand just stick to the recommended ratio of liquid (wheat grass juice and water) to concentrate and add about 3 oz of wheat grass juice for every 2.5 cups or so of final volume.

Photo 2018-06-22, 6 08 35 PM
Wheat Grass Lime Juice

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