Bulk Micro Greens

IMG_5724Shop our micro greens buffet at market!

The City Market on 104th Street is coming and we wanted to make sure you knew about our bulk greens. In alignment with our Philosophies, we are trying to reduce the plastic we contribute to our environment.

Enter the Greens Buffet. Each week we will feature a few different micro greens in our buffet. Some will be neutral tasting (like pea shoots) that can be a simple one for one swap any place you use lettuce. Some will be stronger flavours like spicy, spicy radish shoots or bold broccoli shoots. Each person can mix their own ideal mix. You bring your own reusable container or bag and follow our steps for saving the world 😉

Okay, so a little cheesy, but we are packaging about 200 bags of greens for our first market. That is a lot of plastic bags! With your help we can reduce the amount of plastic necessary at each farmers market. We really appreciate your help with this!

Steps for saving the world:

  1. Bring your own reusable container or bag to the market.
  2. Fill the measuring cup we provide to the top with anything in our greens buffet.
  3. Pour the greens into your container or bag.
  4. Get more greens in your container than you get in our prepacked, plastic bags.

What can you use as a reusable container?

Anything you want!

Our measuring cup is about 4 cups or 1 liter. Bring on the liter sized canning jars, big Tupperware, cloth produce bags, or even big zip lock bags if plastic is still a part of your life. I promise I won’t judge!


Side note: Like a lot of cut produce, the micro greens survive better if they are in a slightly humid environment. This means a container that seals is the most ideal, and greens stored in a canning jar or Tupperware etc. will stay good in the fridge for longer than you’d think. The pea shoots will last up to 2 weeks in this environment, and bean sprouts will be good for week. If you are storing your micro green mix in a cloth bag, keep the bag in the crisper and eat within 3 days of market.


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